Stroudwater + Thames & Severn Canals


Event Information

Sunday 14th July 2024

10k Family Walk from 9am

5 Stage Relay – 10am

Accessibilty 5k – 10:30am

All registrations must be done in advance and through the Let’s Do This website.

Please read the event details on this website before booking and return afterwards for updates on the event.

The deadline for registrations is 11:30am Wednesday 11th July 2024.

Entry fee varies 

5 Stage Relay – £75 per Team

Family Walk – £5 adult / £2 Child

Accessibility 5K – Free, but you must register in advance

Refund: Unfortunately refunds are not available for any reason

5 Stage Relay Only

Yes you can transfer your place to someone else, up to 4 days prior to the event. To do this you must contact us before 11:30am on Wednesday 10th July 2024 using our online form.  (Click here

We will need their full name, DOB & email address.  An email with a link will be sent directly to them.  The link will expire at 11:30pm on Thursday 11th July 2024.

Please note you may still get emails regarding the event, but you will no longer appear on the ecent start list.


Route Information

Yes, the route for all events follows the Canal Path which is clearly marked.

Additional event specific signage may be added where necessary



There are toilets at all 3 event hubs, Ebley Mill, Brimscombe Mill & the Daneway

However, the canal path is very close to other public toilets, pubs and but there are none on the event route itself, apart from the above

Please visit the Countryside Code website for more advice

Water is available at all 3 event hubs

Other refreshments and food are available to purchase at Ebley & Brimscombe Mill

There are some marshals on the route and at all 3 event hubs.

There are marshals certain points along the route where there are likely to be lots of runners closley bunched.  As this thins out marshals will gradually stand down.

These marshals are in addition to all the signage, therefore without them the route is still clearly marked.

On the day

There is parking at all 3 event hubs.

See parking maps for details

Race HQ is inside of Ebley Mill.

Registration opens from 7:30am.

For the  5 Stage Relay and Family Walk, only 1 member of the team or group needs to register and collect all relevant information from Race HQ.

Safety pins are provided

There are toilets inside Ebley & Brimscombe Mill.

At the Daneway, please ask inside the pub before using

The Start for all events is Ebley Mill

For other relay stages please see information on Relay page