Stroudwater + Thames & Severn Canals


The Lock Challenge 5 Stage Relay

Gather a team of 5 and join us in a 30km run along the Stroudwater + Thames & Severn Canals from Stonehouse to Sapperton

  • Event Information

  • When: 14th July 2024

  • Start Time: 10am

    Relay Race packs can be colleted by the team leader from Race HQ between 7:30am & 9:45am.
    Race briefing will be at 9:50am at the start

  • Where: Ebley Mill, Stroud, GL5 4UB

    Race HQ is inside Ebley Mill
    Start & Finish is on the Canal Path next to Ebley Mill.

  • Entry Fee: £75

  • Min age: 15yrs

  • Prizes & Awards

  • Bespoke medal to all finishers

  • Technical T-shirt

  • Team Awards 1st

    Mens Team
    Ladies Team
    Mixed Team

  • Iamoutdoors Plaque

    A plaque with the stage winners

  • How does the Relay Run work?

  • Step 1 - Create a Team of 5

    You need to find 4 other runners who want to join your team. Come up with a Team name (no rude ones please)

  • Step 2 - Register

    Select a Team Captain, who will register the whole team, with all 5 runners information, i.e Name, DOB, email etc

  • Step 3 - Collect Race Number & Shoe Tags

    On raceday the team Captain, will collect all the bibs & shoe tags. You should have already decided who is running which stage.

  • Step 4 - Stage 1 runner ready to start

    Make sure the person running stage 1 is ready to start at 10am from Ebley Mill

  • Step 5 - Change Over

    Your team captain must make sure that stage 2 & 4 runners are at Brimscombe Mill and stage 3 runner is at the Daneway at least 15mins before the previous runners is due. Stage 5 runner needs to be at Ebley Mill. A few minutes before your previous runner is due at the Changeover Hub, you will be called into the holding area. Once the runner crosses the timing mat, the next runner can start their stage. Once you have completed your stage, you should make you way back to Ebley Mill to receive your medal

  • Step 6 - Finish

    Runners will receive their finishing medal once the 5th runner crosses the finish line at Ebley Mill.

  • Runners Information

  • Read race information

    Information, running advice, raceday address, contact details, directions and parking instructions A link will appear here in early June 2024

  • Final Instructions Email

    An email with final instructions will be sent the week beginning 1st July 2024. Not received it, check your spam folder first. If you still haven't received it, use the contact form, so we can resend it to you. Also, check you have registered for this event, please contact Let's Do This

  • Parking

    There is parking available at the start/finish and at Brimscombe Mill and the Daneway Click here to see maps

  • Directions

    use the follwing postcodes for satnavs
    Ebely Mill - GL5 4UB
    Brimscombe Mill GL5 2QN
    Daneway GL7 6LN
    and follow signs and marshals for Parking

  • Stage information

    There are 5 stages in the relay

Start: Ebley Mill

Finish: Brimscombe Mill

Start: Brimscombe Mill

Finish: The Daneway

Start: The Daneway

Finish: Brimscombe Mill

Start: Brimscombe Mill

Finish: Ebley Mill

Start: Ebley Mill

Finish: Ebley Mill